7 “Quick” Takes from a Loooong Week

One of these days I’ll work this more into a routine.  Still not sure if blogging is my thang or not, but it’s helpful for times when I want to write more than what will fit in a kitchy Facebook update 😉  But there are pictures here that aren’t on Facebook so you will be rewarded if you make it to the end!

  1. Speaking of finding my “thang”, I am one of the many who read Jen Fulwiler’s newest book and HIGHLY recommend it.  I love how open it allows the reader to be by telling her own story for pursuing God’s purpose for her life, but also acknowledging that her situation isn’t what all women are called to.  And non-Catholic friends, have no fear.  I think you can relate to it as well.  Pick up a copy today! (and no, she has no idea who I am or that I’m giving her book two big thumbs up)
  2. In my own attempt to give my life a bit of a “reboot”, I’ve joined up with Jazzercise again!  All jokes aside about leg warmers and leotards, I really enjoy this exercise program and am happy that it’s a lot like riding a bike.  I got into it when I lived in Arlington because it was suuuuper conveniently located in the first floor of the office building I worked in (read: Lynette is lazy lol).  I joined another one when we moved here but I wasn’t feeling it, the drive was a little far, and the times weren’t very convenient around my schedule.
    But NOW, the center is literally a 2-minute drive down the street from Kamil’s parents’ house, so I can drop John off and work out for an hour a day on my own! Which is a lot better than *hoping* to do a 10-minute work out video on the living room floor with Johnny climbing all over me.  Plus I feel so energized for the rest of the day that I’m then coming back home and taking John out in the stroller for another 20-30 minute walk! So yay’s all around! Maybe someday I’ll even feel comfortable in a bathing suit…
  3. This whole work out thing is being made possible by the fact that John is almost completely weaned, which began as a sad and bittersweet process, but now I’m happy to see the next step in our relationship begin (does it sound weird to use the word “relationship” with a toddler?).  I’ve managed to eliminate the daytime feedings and am cutting the morning one short so he’s hungry for real food at breakfast.  I’m still a little unsure about how the nighttime feeding gets eliminated, but I think I just need Kamil to be on a good rotation (like, NOT ON F-ING CALL) in case we have a few rough nights while we adjust.
  4. One thing that messed up said weaning was the horror that is Hand Foot Mouth Disease.  Oh dear Lord.  I think it’s safe to say that this was worse than when we first brought him home from the hospital, and I would not wish this on anyone (well, maybe that one guy who cut me off in traffic…nah, no one needs this in their life).  It’s one thing to have your babe waking up because he/she is hangry and needs some milk you can stick in them via boob or bottle and then go back to sleep.  It’s a whole other thing when the babe wakes up screaming in pain, refuses to take the pain medicine in bottle/applesauce/what-have-you, and thus remains in pain for several hours while you pray to just sleep in spite of the crying.  Sunday we got about 3 1/2 hours of sleep (Happy Mother’s Day to meeee).  But we survived and praise the LORD Johnny is finally on the mend.
  5. Not without me also peaking a mild fever AND finding out I’m not pregnant on the same day!  😛
  6. And yes, we are kind of trying for Baby #2, kind of not, seeing what God has planned because…
  7. Today we found out God’s plan also involves my dear husband being accepted as a stroke fellow at Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan!!!  So this is exciting and also a little frightening as it means lots of changes will be coming in the next year and a half, and I’m not even sure what they all are, and I don’t really want to think about them right now.  Ha.  But please do congratulate him, as this is a pretty big deal and he has worked very hard to achieve this.  Yay Kamil!!

IMG_2998My sick baby after we also had him get a blood draw the morning before we realized he had HFM

IMG_3005Still playing while not feeling well.  Loves turning his toy box upside down and crawling on top of it (and not knowing how to get down).

IMG_3008Passed out one night after a hard day of being sick 😦

IMG_3017The best of the 3 awkward photos a lady at a Thai restaurant took for us to celebrate Kamil’s fellowship acceptance.

IMG_3025Johnny taking a nice bath, about 90% recovered and pretty much back to normal!





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