Yup, still pregnant!

Well we’ve officially passed the due date (February 21st). I kept thinking about writing a post, but then hoping I would go into labor and it would become moot 😛 Sigh.  Anyway, I’m trying to keep the negative and impatient thoughts out of my head, so here’s my 7 Quick Takes/Blessings/What-have-you for this week’s post…linking with Kelly!

Brought to you by this song from one of my favorite movies. This song’s message constantly comes to me in different life experiences.  I hadn’t really thought of it for a while, and then it popped in my head a few days ago and I realized it even applies to this season of my life.  Hope you enjoy it too! 🙂

  1. Grateful for the sisterhood of ladies who have come into my life these past two weeks or so, with their love & stories of childbirth.  They’ve helped distract me from thoughts of doubt about getting through labor and have laid a foundation I will be relying on once Baby Boy is here and I’m at my wit’s end with an upteenth diaper change and feeding.  From sending me THEE most thoughtful care package of items for the hospital, to walks around the local mall, to sweet text messages that put a smile on my face.  I’ve never experienced a Sisterhood like this from so many women and I’m SO grateful for them.  You ladies know who you are, and please know I love you and am extremely blessed by these friendships.
  2. My husband is the best man God could have put in my life.  Here’s a common sight that I’ve seen these days, as my belly makes it darn near impossible for me to wash many dishes…
    I love love love him soooo much!
    Speaking of which, we were reading some articles yesterday that I had received about conversations to have before baby arrives like who would do what and how the responsibilities would be divided, etc.  Can I just say that I’m saddened by the fact that many couples DON’T consider these questions before marriage?  And how grateful I am that our marriage prep included asking these important questions (which we also discussed on our own while dating)??  Sigh… that’s another topic for another post I suppose…
  3. I’m grateful for my family, both on my side and Kamil’s.  Kamil’s parents have been over almost every weekend to do some kind of repair or cleaning or tweaking for me to help prep the condo for Baby Boy.  Yesterday was Tata’s birthday and I had an Edible Arrangement delivered, which was a big hit:
    And let’s just ignore the fact that it would have been SO CUTE had our son arrived on his Dziadek’s birthday, ahem… 😉
    Of course my parents are doing their share of prep work for their grandson as well, despite their distance.  I can’t wait to see them after Baby’s arrival!
  4. The weather is something I’m particularly grateful for these days as, aside from today, it’s been pretty awesome for late February.  Actually that’s not true because the sun IS out and that’s always nice.  But…wind? Again? The last few days were in the 50s and 60s though so I can’t complain too much.  Oh how I have come to love spring since leaving Michigan where, sadly, I never knew what that season really meant growing up 😉  Take that, Groundhog!
  5. I’m grateful for finishing up projects for Baby’s arrival, despite the fact that I’m now finding myself almost bored because there’s not much left to do! (My post-baby self is already wanting to smack me, so no worries…)  But here’s a little project I was working on:
    I prettied a dowdy nightgown that I ordered for the purposes of delivery, and I think it looks cute! Especially considering I was hand-stitching everything… Someday I’ll get a sewing table and take an afternoon remembering how to use my beautiful sewing machine…*dreamy sigh*
    Other completed tasks include sending off our tax documents to the accountant so those can be worked on before April 15th – hurrah!  And yes, we did finish the puzzle but I’ve left it at my in-laws’ to deal with the whole framing thing some other time.  It was a pricy estimate for framing even from Michael’s, so we’re trying to find a more affordable option…
  6. I can’t forget to mention how EXTREMELY GRATEFUL I am for our son, whom I can remain confident WILL arrive at some point, and the many blessings of his very existence.
    last week’s ultrasound

    (That alien-thing is actually his little hand! And he’s already practicing breathing!) Despite my frustration that he is running a little late, I am so grateful to be his mama and can’t wait to meet the little guy!  He kicks me to let me know he’s there and that he’s okay, just when I need to know it.  And unlike other times in my life where I’ve waited for news or some big change to arrive, I KNOW he’s coming, in his own time.  It’s only appropriate for him to already test my patience, lol 😉

  7. Finally, I need to appreciate this time of pregnancy and all of what has come from this season of life.
    final belly shot, I hope?

    It’s connected me to other women from other times & situations.  It’s made me more dependent on my wonderful & loving husband.  It’s humbled me with wearing the SAME CLOTHES over and over again.  It’s made me slow down and appreciate my health. It’s taught me so many things about myself, and I am grateful to God for this gift, which too many women don’t get to experience.  It’s such a special time and I hope I remember to never take it for granted, despite my many grumblings and complaints even during this one!

Dear friends, I ask for your continued prayers for our Baby Boy’s health and his fast arrival.  Thank you for being part of this journey, if only in a small way through my blog posts.  I can’t wait to share the news when he does come!




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